Protecting Your Wooden Fence

Protecting And Beautifying Your Wood Fence

A wood fence does more than just enclose your property.  A wood fence can be a thing of beauty, enhancing the enjoyment of your home.  However, if neglected, that fence can be an eyesore and be susceptible to damage.

With Rain-X® Wood Protector with Mold Armor® Antimicrobial Protection you can restore the beauty of your fence, protecting its finish from the elements.  And you can do it easily in one day.  Unlike competitive products, which require you wait up to 48 hours between cleaning and sealing your fence, Rain-X® Wood Protector allows you to start and finish your project in just a few hours.  Here’s how:

  1. Clean the fence using Mold Armor® E-Z Deck & Fence Wash Hose End or a pressure washer.
  2. Apply Rain-X® Wood Protector or Wood Protector Extended about two hours after cleaning, when the surface is no longer visibly wet.

Use a pump-up sprayer to apply and a paintbrush, paint roller or deck pad to uniformly cover the surface.

It’s that easy!