With Rain-X® You Can Preserve, Protect And Beautify Your Home.

While other waterproofing products make you wait up to 48 hours between cleaning outdoor surfaces and sealing, with Rain-X® you can start and finish projects in just one day.

Rain-X® with Mold Armor® antimicrobial protection offers you maximum protection against the forces of nature.  Our advanced water-beading technology helps prevent water from penetrating and damaging surfaces – water simply beads up on top surface then evaporates away.

All Rain-X waterproofers help restore the natural beauty of outdoor surfaces.  Rain-X® Wood Protector and Wood Protector Extended are ideal for wood decks, fences and furniture, and Rain-X® Multi-Surface Water Sealer can help protect your brick, concrete and stone surfaces.

To the left, you’ll find a few ideas for projects that will enhance the beauty of your home, protect its value, and reduce future maintenance costs.  Of course, each can be accomplished in one day or less.