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Rain-X® Helps Homeowners Outsmart The Elements™.

The Rain-X® brand has been Outsmarting the Elements for over 40 years, getting its start in 1972.  Rain-X® Original Treatment was invented to repel rain, sleet and snow from aircraft windshields.  Soon, Rain-X® expanded to automotive windshields, helping millions more to see clearly on the road and stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

The Rain-X® technology is best explained by envisioning glass as having a similar surface to what you might see on the moon.  Viewed under a microscope, glass is not smooth, but rough and has voids.  When rain falls on your windshield, it is able to cling onto the rough surface and impede your vision.  After Rain-X® is applied to the windshield, those pores and voids are filled in and smoothed out.  So, when rain falls onto the windshield, water will bead up with very little surface to cling to and eventually fly off your windshield.  Rain-X® also helps prevent snow, sleet, bugs, and mud from sticking.

This water-beading technology is now available in the wood protectants and multi-surface sealants you’ll find on this website.  Your home is your single largest investment, why not Outsmart the Elements and keep it protected?