Mold Armor®

Mold Armor® inhibits the growth of mold & mildew stains on the dried finish. Visit to learn more about other Mold Armor® products.

Only Rain-X® Offers Mold Armor® Antimicrobial Protection 
For A Mold And Mildew Risistant Finish.

Mold and mildew can do more than discolor and stain your outdoor surfaces.  Without protection, they can actually cause damage and deterioration of surfaces.  And that can lead to costly repairs and replacement.

But Rain-X® waterproofing products feature exclusive Mold Armor® antimicrobial protection.

You won’t find Mold Armor® antimicrobial protection in any other brand of waterproofer.  But, you will find it in all Rain-X® waterproofing products, including Rain-X® Wood Protector and Wood Protector Extended and Rain-X® Multi-Surface Water Sealer.